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" Birth Emergency Skills Training is a book that should be in every midwife s personal library. ..The book is a comprehensive Manual for Out-of-Hospital Midwives. It will help you serve women better because you will be armed with an amazing amount of information, right at your fingertips. It is spiced with many mnemonics to help you remember key information. It also includes many lists, tables, illustrations and photos Bonnie is also an accomplished artist! Between the covers you will find information on common complications as well as very obscure ones that hopefully you will never see. It covers complications that occur in pregnancy, birth and postpartum, with help on what to do and when to refer care.
Jan Tritten
Founder and editor-in-chief Midwifery Today magazine.

BEST was fantastic, it was hands down the best CEU course I have ever taken in my 25 years of being a Nurse-Midwife. I loved the online format, the book is a gem. The online exercises really helped cement the knowledge, and the sharing in the forum with all the other midwives was just wonderful.”

-H.R. BEST (Birth Emergency Skills Training) student

"Amazing! The most comprehensive course ever designed. The book is full of concise, critical thinking and step-by-step cognitive actions for everyone from the beginner to the expert. The illustrations add so much to the written content."

Phyllis Block, CNM, MN

Harrisburg, PA.

How BEST helped save a baby’s life

 (five minute shoulder dystocia)

“As soon as the client was pushing on the bed for the final time … I was hearing Bonnie Gruenberg in my head. .. As soon as I saw the ‘Turtle Sign’ it was my inner monologue said: Here we go. The BEST book just played through my head. .. I will never stop being grateful for my Aviva instructors, Bonnie’s book, and my preceptor. Most of the time, birth just happens. Everyone here knows that. But when something deviates and we have to respond, we have to be up to the task”.

Midwifery student

BEST® Course and Book The BEST® Course

“I am mightily impressed . . . with your scholarship and thoroughness.” —Jay F. Kirkpatrick, PhD

director, Science and Conservation Center, ZooMontana

“It is the most impressive work about wild horses that I have ever read. I am in awe.” —Karen McCalpin, herd manager, Corolla Wild Horse Fund

“It is comprehensive, a stellar piece of research, and simply fascinating to read” Steve Edwards

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, Proprietor Mill Swamp Indian Horses, Member: Board of Directors Corolla Wild Horse Fund

The Wild Horse Dilemma