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Synclitic Media LLC is the parent company for two imprints: Synclitic Press, publisher of cutting-edge obstetrical resources, and Quagga Press, publisher of equine books and media with a focus on the wild horses of the Atlantic Coast.  

About Synclitic Media

Bonnie Urquhart Gruenberg


Besides owning and managing Synclitic Media LLC and its imprints, Bonnie is an author, artist, and photographer, and horse trainer, and is in clinical practice as a certified nurse-midwife in central Pennsylvania.

About  Bonnie Gruenberg

Bonnie U. Gruenberg founded her first publishing business, Birth Guru Publications, in  2008. Before becoming an independent publisher, she had authored two books and published them with mainstream publishers (Essentials of Pre-hospital Maternity Care 2005 by Prentice Hall /Brady and Hoofprints in the Sand 2002 by Eclipse Press).  Eager to gain control over the layout, content, and marketing of her books, she decided to start an independent press that specializes in her two favorite subjects- obstetrics and horses.

In 2008, Birth Guru, subsequently renamed Birth Muse Press,released Birth Emergency Skills Training®. “B.E.S.T”, written and illustrated by Bonnie Gruenberg, keeps out-of-hospital midwives current in skills necessary to manage emergencies. We were  so excited when it won three awards and was a finalist for two others. Birth Emergency Skills Training ® is featured on the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) written exam reference list for the Certified Professional Midwife. It has been translated into Russian and became a dynamic and innovative live workshop .In 2011 it was translated into Russian. In 2008, BEST was taught as an interactive online course. Later, Andrea Dixon, CNM, CPM, transformed it into a dynamic hands-on workshop

In 2014, we reorganized the business and created Synclitic Media LLC, which is the parent company for three imprints. Synclitic Press publishes women’s health and obstetric titles, including BEST materials. Verdant Mountain Press specializes in thought-provoking fiction and non-fiction on various topics. Quagga Press publishes equine media, with an emphasis on the free-roaming herds of the Atlantic coast

In 2015, Quagga Press released The Wild Horse Dilemma, Conflicts and Controversies of the Atlantic Coast herds. Not only did it garner great praise and excellent reviews, it won a number of awards within a few months of release.  .

We have a number of exciting books in the works, including a second edition of BEST. Check in frequently and see what is new!

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440 Schoolhouse Rd •  New Providence, PA 17560  

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